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Happy Valentine's Day!


Good grief!

My downstairs neighbors are gone... again. This time they've left their bedroom tv on full-blast volume in an attempt to thwart any burglars from ransacking their painting supplies/canvas-filled condo, but really it's only hindering my sleeping patterns.
I go to sleep hearing loud muffled voices. awesome.
I'm stuck in a Charlie Brown special listening to the teacher give instruction. awesome-er.
The only upside... I still have the key to their place from my petsitting days. I might just have to break in and turn the volume down myself. sssshhhh. it's our little secret.

seasonal entertainment

Best of... running shoes

It only took me half a year to add a second edition, but, in case you are in need of a new pair of running shoes AND also have a pesky tendency to overpronate, here you go...
Saucony Hurricane 11

Look for discounts online.

Camera1, camera2

While in Jackson Hole, we desperately wanted a pic with the "welcome to Jackson, Wyoming" sign.
Julie and I carefully set up my camera timer and framed the photo. I hit the trigger, giving us ten seconds to sprint into place next to Ang and Jill. I went the the left and Julie to the right, and well, let's just say Julie took the unstable, bumpy side.

Fortunately, Julie was ok, and fortunately we got a perfectly timed photo of the fall.

Just note that Jill was actually the only one lending a hand.
I can't make this stuff up folks...